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Hello. We are Yugo.

At Yugo it's about students living their best life. We've taken all we’ve learnt and we'll support our students through our three pillars focusing on education, sustainability, their personal development to deliver on their needs and expectations.


The student companion from day one.
Creating spaces and experiences that support our students' and teams' holistic needs. Each individual's journey with Yugo is a personal one and we are along for the ride.

YuGrow has no physical growth enhancement effects. Please use the on-site gym.


Time for sustainable
student housing.
Through YugoEco we come together with our students to better the planet. We're launching our sustainability focused student council and stand side by side with them on our mission to better the planet keeping this truly at the heart of our business.

YugoEco is about being at the forefront of innovating student living spaces and creating a new standard that hopefully will inspire others to do the same.

YugoEco represents our total commitment to creating a better world for all and a sustainable environment for our students and teams.


Empowering young people beyond higher education.
Continuing to offer employment opportunities for our students to gain valuable work experience whilst they live with Yugo, it's now time to build on that offering. Through internships, graduate schemes and strategic partnerships, Yugo students will secure prosperous futures before graduation day.

Please mention us in any award acceptance speeches.

Our mission.

The Yugo team is a force for good, our mission is to harness this passion to deliver an extraordinary living experience for our students.

Our vision.

To be the best student living space where we join forces with our students to build a better future for the planet.

Our values.


Boundaries are there to be challenged.


Take pride in what you do and own it.


Act responsibly towards others and the planet.


Open minded, open hearted and open to new ideas.